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  • ABSS Discussion| Updated: September 23rd 2015 | "Optimal Monetary Policy at the Lower Bound." by Costas Azariadis, James Bullard, Aarti Singh and Jacek Suda. Link to my discussion HERE.

  • New Publication| | Updated: February 13th 2015 | "Solving and Estimating Indeterminate DSGE Models." Joint with Vadim Khramov and Giovanni Nicolň forthcoming, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, My website open link HERE, NBER Working Paper 19457 HERE.

  • New Publication| Updated: January 30th 2015 | "The Stock Market Crash Really Did Cause the Great Recession." Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, forthcoming, My website open link HERE, NBER Working Paper 19391 HERE.

  • New Working Paper | Updated: January 30th 2015 | "Global Sunspots and Asset Prices in a Monetary Economy", NBER Working Paper 20831, HERE, Open link HERE, Online Appendix with Code HERE, Data Spreadsheet for use with Online Appendix HERE.

  • Data Set for my 2011 JEDC paper. Several people have asked me for the data I used in my papers here and here  on the connection between stock market wealth (in wage units), housing wealth and unemployment. Here is a link to an Excel Spreadsheet with the data used in both papers.

  • New Publication December 19th 2013 | "Qualitative easing: a new tool for the stabilisation of financial markets: The John Flemming Memorial Lecture" Bank of England Quarterly Bulletin, December Q4, pages 405-413, open link  HERE

  • New Publication September 17th 2013 | "The Natural Rate Hypothesis: An idea past its sell-by-date" Bank of England Quarterly Bulletin, September Q3, pages 244-256, open link  HERE

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