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  • New Working Paper| Updated: April 4th 2016 | Animal Spirits in a Monetary Economy, Joint with Konstantin Platonov of UCLA. This paper is about how to do IS-LM analysis properly. NBER Working Paper 22136, HERE, CPER Discussion Paper 11197, HERE, Open link HERE.

  • New Working Paper| Updated: April 4th 2016 | The Theory of Unconventional Monetary Policy, Joint with Pawel Zabczyk of the Bank of England. Ben Bernanke said that QE works in practice but not in theory. We show here why it works in theory. NBER Working Paper 22135, HERE, CPER Discussion Paper 11196, HERE, Open link HERE.

  • Audio Version Now Available| How the Economy Works: Confidence Crashes and Self-Fulfilling Prophecies.  Available from Amazon HERE.

  • Conference Link| Updated: February 29th 2016 | Multiple Equilibria and Financial Crises Conference held at NYU C.V. Starr Center, February 25-26 2016 Link to Program HERE. Link to papers and slides HERE.

  • New Publication| | Updated: February 29th 2016 | "The Evolution of Endogenous Business Cycle Models." Macroeconomic Dynamics, 20, 2016 HERE.

  • ABSS Discussion| "Optimal Monetary Policy at the Lower Bound." by Costas Azariadis, James Bullard, Aarti Singh and Jacek Suda. Link to my discussion HERE.

  • Featured Publication|  "The Stock Market Crash Really Did Cause the Great Recession." Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, 77(5) pages 617-633, 2015, My website open link HERE.

  • Data Set for my 2011 JEDC paper. Several people have asked me for the data I used in my papers here and here  on the connection between stock market wealth (in wage units), housing wealth and unemployment. Here is a link to an Excel Spreadsheet with the data used in both papers.

  • Featured Publication | "Qualitative easing: a new tool for the stabilisation of financial markets: The John Flemming Memorial Lecture" Bank of England Quarterly Bulletin, December Q4, pages 405-413, open link  HERE

  • Featured Publication | "The Natural Rate Hypothesis: An idea past its sell-by-date" Bank of England Quarterly Bulletin, September Q3, pages 244-256, open link  HERE

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